Social media is such an important part of our lives; we use it for everything, connection, identity building, motivation, and inspiration.

There is a psychological theory that suggests the types of social media accounts that we allow ourselves to be exposed to, can work one of two ways. They can make you feel inspired and motivated or they can make you feel like, you’re not enough.

So, let me ask you when you scroll through your social media feeds how do you feel?

Do you feel inspired and motivated?


Or like you’re not enough?

Before I embarked on my body love journey, my social media feeds were flooded with carefully constructed images of “perfection”.

There was no realness, no education, no rawness; it was just a bunch of pretty filters and epic lives that left me feeling like I never quite stacked up.

I didn’t fit anywhere and to be truthful, everything I chose to expose myself too, left me feeling like body love was unattainable.

What I needed was diversity, difference, role models and influencers that were real, raw and honest. I needed people that were relatable, that had it together but at times went through shit.

I also needed those that demonstrated how to love yourself and your body despite what life throws at you.

Thankfully I found them. Before we go on though, there’s something that I want you to do. I want you to take around 10 minutes and go through your social media feeds, and become curious to how you feel when you are exposed to certain accounts.

If they make you feel good, keep them there, if they don’t unfollow them. There’s no point allowing space for things in your life that make you feel well, meh.

Now that, that’s done, I encourage you to check out these women, who I believe to be some of the most inspiring women on Instagram.

Have a peek, have a look at their content and if it resonates with you, give them a follow and if it doesn’t resonate with you, that’s okay.

The whole point of this post is to get you thinking about choosing to expose yourself to the type content that makes you feel good instead of the type of content that fuels that internal shit storm of, you’re never good enough!

Top Instagram Accounts you must follow for Body Love.


Dani is a Fat Body Postive Warrior and I absolutely adore her. Her tenacity and determination to make a difference for women everywhere is incredibly inspiring. Her ability to stand up, show up and shine unapologetically, to continue to demonstrate a lifestyle of self-love, self-acceptance and body love, despite the sheer ignorance she faces from people, inspires me every single day.

This woman is a true example of self and body love and we can all learn so much from her.


Anastasia is a self – love coach and another inspiring woman that I absolutely adore. The content that she posts is absolutely amazing; she’s straight talking and takes a no bullshit approach. She has helped thousands of women find self – love with substance. She is another woman who inspires me every single day and I hope she will do the same for you.


This account is epic. Amber Gywn is the founder of Non-airbrushed me and she is a warrior who is battling multiple sclerosis. Amber believes that beauty is not a predefined size or shape, beauty is confidence and beauty is loving your body for what it is and flaunting your body for the whole world to see. Non-airbrushed me is by far one of the best accounts that fight daily for women to love themselves.


Megan was one of the first body positive/ eating disorder recovery accounts that I followed. Megan is a body positive babe, anorexia conqueror and has recently launched her first book called Body Positive power. I definitely recommend checking out her account for daily reminders to love yourself just as you are.


Michelle is a body confidence coach and she is a total badass. Michelle created the scarred not scared movement, which is to help women to stop being afraid to bare their bodies’ scars and all. Michelle also posts such beautiful midday reminders every day on Instagram, I find them incredibly useful and I hope you do too.


Gina is another body positive/ eating disorder recovery account that I followed in my early days. I still follow her because I absolutely adore her and the content that she posts. Gina has a no bullshit approach like the other women I have mentioned in this post. Gina created the social media movement embrace the squish, which encourages women to embrace and love their squishy bits and all.


Fat women of Colour is a relatively new account that I stumbled across and started following. Women of colour are heavily underrepresented in society. Every woman regardless of shape, size and colour deserve a loving space in our society and this account is doing exactly that!


Halle is a body positive activist and is also going through her recovery from an eating disorder. She’s also freaking amazing at yoga as well by the way. Halle talks very openly about her recovery from her eating disorder, and at the same time inspires women everywhere to love who they are despite what issues they are facing. Halle is another badass in my opinion.


Kenzie is another total badass who I absolutely adore. Kenzie started a movement called cellulite Saturday, which was created to normalize cellulite. The movement states there is absolutely nothing wrong with having cellulite and we don’t need to be ashamed of it what so ever. Nor do we have to spend money on multiple products, that don’t work to get rid of it. Kenzie like the rest of the women that I have mentioned on here is doing everything that she can to encourage women around the globe to love themselves just as they are.

So, there you have it guys, these are the top Instagram accounts that I recommend you follow for your daily dose of body love.

Are there any other accounts that you love? Be sure to comment them so I can check them out too.


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