W O R K  W I T H  B R I T T A N Y

Personalized 1:1 Coaching

You’re a young woman or a young girl and you’re struggling with your body image and you have realized that your relationship with food, exercise and your body is pretty destructive. You want to change it, but you’re not quite sure where to begin, and there’s one thing that you know for sure – the love that you experience for yourself is at an all time low, it’s basically non-existent.

You crave to see yourself through others eyes, because the people around you constantly tell you how beautiful you are. But despite how many times, your mum, boyfriend, husband and friends tell you – you still experience a serious case of self-doubt. You find yourself constantly questioning your body; your self-worth, confidence and you find yourself comparing yourself to others.



Your head goes into over drive, maybe if I run a little further and eat a little less, I’ll feel it, I’ll finally feel what it’s like to just be enough.

Not enough-ness has taken a hold of you and it’s manifested into a nasty case of inner critic, that horrible niggling voice inside you.

You find yourself making self-deprecating jokes to deflect attention. Your relationships lack the intimacy that you crave, because you just don’t know how to love your body. You deny yourself food, count calories, not wear that amazing dress, ignore your body’s true desires, spend time obsessing over how many workouts you’ve hit and spend money on numerous products in an attempt to “fix” what you don’t like.

Job, relationship and social opportunities are missed because you worry about how others will perceive you. You hold yourself back from putting yourself out there and from speaking your mind, because your so damn conscious of how you look.





You follow all the health guru’s that are out there, bouncing from lifestyle change to lifestyle change. You’re attempting to perfect the green smoothie, yoga loving, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, sugar free, clean eating, air breathing, bikini body babe – but find that you’re still stuck, suffocated and unsatisfied. This leaves you feeling more down on yourself, because by not succeeding at these things, makes body love feel more and more unattainable.

Because well, you see, as young women and girls, we are constantly told how to be. We are told beliefs and rules based on how to be the “perfect” young woman or girl; we are sold a concept of success, of perfection, that’s based solely on our body image.

We are told what we have to look like, what we should wear, what we should eat, how we should exercise and how to take care of ourselves – we are told how to be perfect.

And. If we’re not that, we are not enough, we are not successful and we don’t love our bodies and that horrible nasty inner critic thrives on that. Then we are left in a permanent state of self-loathing, we are stuck & suffocated, because what is really right for us is drowned out by the powerful noise of our inner critic, the media, what everyone else is doing on social media, society pressures and fear. I get it; I’ve been there.

The messiness, the confusion, what’s right for you, how do you love your body, the feeling of worthlessness, self-doubt, wanting to be someone else, self hatred, body hatred, the constant comparison, the constant seeking for validation, the limiting beliefs and consuming, destructive thoughts around your body, food and exercise. The missed opportunities, the lack of self-esteem, confidence and intimacy. The constant mimicking of others versions of body love, only to find yourself falling short and feeling like you’re failing at the one thing that you need the most – body love.

I know exactly what it’s like.

And that is exactly why, the Radical Body Love Coaching Program was born.


R A D I C A L  B O D Y  L O V E

1:1 Coaching Program

 “Radical Body Love isn’t a process that requires changing the physical, it is a process that requires healing and a shift in mindset”

The Radical Body Love coaching program is a five-month coaching program, designed to allow you to discover exactly what body love looks like for you and to unleash the beautiful, free, radiant, confident and worthy young woman that I know exists underneath all of that body & self hatred.

Working with me will support you to;

svadhisthana-copyLet go of limiting beliefs, guilt and fears that are keeping you from loving your body.

svadhisthana-copyEliminate the type of thinking that involves “fixing” your body and “dieting” equal the key to happiness.

svadhisthana-copyHeal self-criticism and judgment – because hey, life’s no fun if your at the constant mercy of your inner meanie.

svadhisthana-copyBreak free from comparison and seeking external validation.

svadhisthana-copyEstablish a loving relationship with both food and exercise.

svadhisthana-copyOwn who you are with total confidence and go for every opportunity without wondering if you are thin enough or pretty enough.

svadhisthana-copyIdentify and remove the toxic influences that are keeping you from embracing the skin that you’re in.

svadhisthana-copyWeigh your self-worth against something other than what you look like or the size of your waist

svadhisthana-copyTo own who you are, your beauty and your body freely from self constraints and constraints of society

svadhisthana-copyShow up, shine and be unapologetically you

The Radical Body Love Coaching Program includes;

svadhisthana-copy-copyA pre-coaching questionnaire: The questionnaire will help you gain clarity on what you want to work through during our time together. This will be sent to me via email, prior to our first session and used as an outline.

svadhisthana-copy-copy1 x 60 minute Exploration Session: We will come together to review your pre-coaching questionnaire.We then explore and identify the key areas that we are going to work on for the coming months.

svadhisthana-copy9 x 60 minute Coaching sessions: These will occur every two weeks and together we will work through the lows and celebrate the highs.

svadhisthana-copyWorksheets and/or Activities: These will only be distributed if they are needed.

svadhisthana-copy-copyUnlimited email support: You will have unlimited email access to me during our time together. This can be used to ask any questions that may arise for you, or for more clarity and support between sessions.

The Radical Body Love Coaching Program is for you if;

svadhisthana-copyYou experience a serious case of self-doubt and your self-esteem and confidence is at an all time low

svadhisthana-copyYou think that fixing your body and dieting is the key to happiness

svadhisthana-copyYou find yourself constantly comparing your self to others, wishing you were someone else other than who you are

svadhisthana-copyYour relationship with food and exercise is not so crash hot and thoughts around both consume every aspect of you

svadhisthana-copyYou’re tired of being dictated by your inner critic and you want to put those mean girl thoughts to bed

svadhisthana-copyYou think that the way your body looks determines how worthy you are of love and self-love

svadhisthana-copyYou’re ready to unleash the beautiful, vibrant, free, radiant, confident and worthy young woman that exists underneath all that self and body hatred

svadhisthana-copyYou’re committed to doing the inner work to transform the relationship you have with your body from its complicated to best freaking relationship ever

F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process that helps you, create, explore and achieve your goals. It’s about gaining an understanding of where you are and identifying where you want to be – and together we work to get you there.

What happens in a Coaching Session?

Before a coaching session, you will have the opportunity to complete a pre-coaching questionnaire, which will help you gain clarity on what you are wanting to create and explore. The pre-coaching questionnaire will be used as an outline for our sessions, but I also allow the coaching sessions to go where they need to go.

You ultimately guide the session, and together we can cover any challenge or situation that arises in regards to your body love journey. I am there to be the facilitator and your personal cheerleader, guiding you to where you desire to be.

What are your qualifications/training?

I completed the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course in 2014 with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy. The Beautiful You Life Coaching Course is also recognized and certified by the International Coaching Federation.

I also hold a Bachelor of Applied Science in Psychology and I completed my degree with Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.

I live in a different time zone; can I still go through a coaching session/program with you?

Absolutely. It doesn’t matter where you live, together we will agree on a session time that suits both of us.

What is the cost of the Radical Body Love Coaching Program?

It is $300 AUD per month, or $1,500 AUD in full.

(If you pay upfront, you will receive a 10% discount off the total price, that’s $150 off)

How and where are sessions held?

All session are held via Skype

Are you ready for Radical Body Love?

Or have you got some questions that need answers?

Either way, lets book in a time to have a complimentary, obligation free, chat. We can discuss any questions you might have, what you need support with and whether the Radical Body Love Coaching Program is right for you.